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Concerning FCB:

Destruction is how I roll, since genocide and mass genocide take up valuable destruction slots. I tend to prioritize the really dangerous ones (The Destroyer, etc.), and if I can separate the Serpent from less dangerous ones, just take them out individually. One benefit to being a melee-type is that dispatching uniques doesn't take that long.

Endgame is my justification for stockpiling potions of restore mana on pure fighters. With enough device skill and a few staves you should be ready for anything. The charge draining is annoying, but not fatally so. Morgoth might be trickier than average to separate from J, but I understand that he'll never show up to the fight in FCB (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Other than that, you really just need some healing staves to conserve potions, a stack of teleportation scrolls, and (if you care) enough free inventory slots for all that sweet loot.
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