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Originally Posted by takkaria View Post
I think I'm OK with this. I'll fix the other issues though, and also turn on saving throws for the unresistable effects soon.
Ok don't do that. For what I've seen, stuff like Slow and Confuse are still marginally useful because not really powerful, so it's ok to leave them without saving throw. The problem reported is vs Stun... and that's because there's a bug in the new implementation. Looking at mon-timed.h, the STUN_DAM_REDUCTION value is supposed to be "Percentage reduction in damage". But in mon-attack.c, the code is:

if (stunned) damage = (damage * STUN_DAM_REDUCTION) / 100;
The recent nerfing made that even worse, since this reduces monster damage to 10% of their normal damage while stunned...

Oh and it seems that the same problem applies for STUN_HIT_REDUCTION. In check_hit():

if (debuff) chance = (chance * debuff) / 100;
Fixing both of these will give some threat back to stunned monsters, and removing the saving throw for stunning will be also fine. Maybe bring back the 25% reduction instead of 10% too, because 10% won't do much, especially when damage is low due to rounding down.
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