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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
Of course this is necessary the way things are presently balanced. And it would not be trivial to rebalance after replacing the halving penalties that make sense within the overall Sil system. But it's still a bad mechanic. And all the work that has gone into balancing archery has been made more difficult by having this bad mechanic at its core.
If I may step in for a second, I think it's pretty clear that Quirk isn't interested in debating this with you any more. You're making arguments that, as far as I can tell, stem from an "aesthetics of design" sense and rely on hypothetical monster infighting that doesn't actually happen in game. If the rules of the game suffice to provide a good play experience for what actually happens in the game, then the rules are fine. They should not be expected to work in all situations.

It's extremely difficult to come up with elegant, simple, and omni-applicable rules, so the fact that there's a few warts should be taken as a sign that the rules are good -- because there's so few!
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