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I count 5 monsters with evasion -5. I don't know why that's not valid to talk about. The game already concedes that halving evasion in these cases doesn't make sense, and leaves them at -5. But, starting at zero, it still doesn't make sense. A creature should still be hindered by webs and pits. But the game says otherwise.
Sure, let's talk about them. Three of these monsters are thornbushes. Two are immobile creatures of stone. Their non-existent defence would not be hindered by webs or pits because it is, in fact, non-existent.

You began from the premise that ability to dodge arrows should scale as quickly and easily as the ability to target arrows. You have now just posted arguing that thornbushes should have their defences hindered by having web draped over them. It's growing quite difficult to keep this polite.

Feel free to start a new thread on how broken Assassination is on sleeping characters because at higher levels the player's Stealth and Melee just keep going up, and enemy evasion remains non-existent, or whatever other inventive trolling you can come up with; I'm done.
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