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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
I never understood the root of this argument
Well, I must be making it poorly, then. I'm certainly not trying to upset anyone.

From the original post
Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
Halving a target's evasion doesn't do much at lower skill levels, but it's entirely out of proportion at higher levels.
I then noted three other circumstances where skills are halved. The same problem applies to them as well..

I probably made a mistake using examples that don't actually happen in-game. I probably made a mistake talking about thorns and whatever.

Here's one of the three other circumstances I noted in the original post
Melee, Evasion, and Archery are halved against foes you cannot see
In melee, a low level character can blind-fight a low level monster with very little penalty. In melee, a high level character (with likely much higher perception) is brutally hindered when blind-fighting a high level monster.

In my opinion, these halving effects tend to not do enough at the low end and too much at the high end, though someone else can legitimately argue that they should be this way. Other balancing factors can be added in to make up for any scaling issues, and have been included quite skillfully. When I say "halving is a broken mechanic" that doesn't mean the game is broken. Not at all. It's a great game.

Sooo... sorry for making the argument poorly. I'll try to to take some lessons from this.

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