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[V] YACD Half-Troll Mage with equipment conundrum

See the character dump for PoohBear at:

This is a Half-Troll mage that I've been slowly working on for months, and seems to be on the path to becoming a winner (my other winners have been Half-Troll Priests). I've just finished a lengthy dive from 3000' to 3200' (clearing all levels) and picked off a couple more uniques, the toughest this trip being the Mouth of Sauron. Picked up seven artifacts without encountering anything bigger than a simple diagonal vault and a green dragon pit.

With all the new options [Elessar, the Arkenstone, Caspanion, Thalkettoth, Paurhach, Rilia, Nar-i-vagil, and an amulet of Sustenance (sustain everything and hold life)], I'm having a hard time deciding what to use for my next push. I've emptied out the house to make equipment swapping easier.

The kit I'm leaning toward is:
* Orome, Amras, =Int+5, =Con+6, Elessar, Arkenstone,
* Thalkettoth, Holcolleth, Shield of Elvenkind (RDisenchant),
* Holhenneth, Cesti of Free Action, Boots of Stability

The best alternate seems to be using Rohirrim and Thranduil, which gets me ESP and RSound at the cost of 3 speed (+9 rather than +12) and RShards. Crossing that speed threshold (being +22 rather than +19) seems significant, however.

I've found no artifact shields or boots, no boots of speed, and no artifact gloves aside from Paur*, so there is little choice there. Several decent weapons and an embarassment of armours make things hard, though.

I'll also probably need to sell a handful of artifacts -- any suggestions?

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