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Well- you really want to have rConf at that depth, particularly as a mage, so any arrangement without it is out. You can go without rSound, but it's a bit dicey. Also, it would be very nice to get those last 3 points of Con- they are the biggest, and you would have _huge_ hp for a mage with them. I really like having ESP too, but I think I may actually over value it a bit.

You're right that there is a big difference between +19 and +22, as they are both breakpoints. At +19 anything that is +20 can get a double move on you. At +22 nothing can. You actually only need one item to resolve all your difficulties- Thror would do it, and Thror tends to pop up a lot at the depth you're at. Still, I wouldn't wear Thalkettoth.

Are you primarily meleeing at this point? Caspanion looks good to me, as it gives you a lot of flex in your other slots- you can lose both the INT ring and Elessar if need be, I think.. I don't play a lot of mages, but I think that would still leave you at 0%for the critical stuff... right?

But I think you would lose a blow, though you could put the damage ring back in to compensate for that if Int 18/210 leaves you at 0%. That lets you swap in Thranduil without losing RConf, and gets your Con to 18/200. It's too bad you don't have another source of FA (Thingol would lose even more speed). The other option is Rohirrim and Thranduil, but I think I'd rather have the HP than the rSound, though you have to be very careful and know how to play without rSound for that to work. But having ESP makes that a lot easier.

As for artifacts to toss... well, Holhenneth comes very close to strictly dominating Thengel, so that can go (I don't think you can get a perfect save anyway, with a half-troll mage, and that is the only conceivable reason you would wear it). Paurhach can go. You could keep Aeglin around for rBlind but I strongly doubt you'll ever use it again. Sustenance will only be useful if you melee Morgy so... I'd likely pitch it, as there is so much else to put in that slot. You're low on rPoison, but... I'd probably lose Barahir if you need the space- you'll be picking up nice rings soon. Evenstar's usually a bit useless, but if you have the space you could hang onto it- the sustain of int might come in handy when you ditch the ring, though I think it is unlikely that you will use it. I doubt you'll wear Arvedui again, but if you've got the space you could keep it for shards and nexus. Neither resist is critical though. Hithlomir can go- rDark and the stealth are nice but you have too much good armor to wear that again, I think. Probably the star should go as well if you are pressed for space- the activation is nice, but probably not worth a slot at home. I also kind of doubt you'll be wielding Rilia again, but since you are low on rPoison you could keep it around till you need the space.

EDIT: Just to add one thing- no matter what you do you will still have some weakness, but just a bit more kit should fix you up. So if I were you I would drop to about 3750', mainly stopping to kill Elemental Wyrms, but avoiding confrontations with anything that can exploit your weakness. You should be able to _easily_ survive at any depth with this character as long as you don't try to take on everything head-on. If you choose to go with Caspanion you will definitely want to avoid things that can stun you- if you don't like to play that way then Rohirrim is a better choice. But if you do that you will still want to stay away from dangerous things that are +20 speed.

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