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Explored more today, diving from 3200' and planning on going deep.
However, a Sphere vault at 3350' changed those plans. The vault
did give me a chance to catch up on uniques (missing only Azog
through level 67), but I could barely carry the swag home.

Found gear includes:
* 5 Rings of Speed (+3, +5, +7, +8, +10) -- I left the 3 small ones
* Ingwe and Amulets of Weaponmastery and Trickery
* Isildur, Belegennon, Himring
* Thorongil
* Haradrim
* Gondor
* Balli Stonehand

I also abandonned about 400 highly enchanted and often branded
arrows that had been dropped. That's a shame, but it seems that
they are becoming common enough. It is amazing how fast you
can kill something with branded ammo with to-dam of 15-20.
(With Amras, appropriately branded Seeker Arrows with to-dam
of +15 gives 3x3x(4d4+30) = 360 twice per move. At +25 speed,
I was killing Wyrms in 2 game turns.)

I'll post a new dump once I sort through the new options.

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