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Finally had time to proceed with this character again. See dump at:

The last dive (8 levels from 3600' to 3950') was fairly straightforward.
- Four uniques killed: Khamul, Ungoliant, Witch-King, Cantoras.
- Eight artifacts found: Maedhros, Osondir, Lotharang, Deathwreaker, Umbar, Tulkas, Palantir, Celeborn.
- One powerful ego-item: Shield of Deflection of Preservation (Nether).

Cantoras was the only tricky unique, but that was driven more by my strategy than anything else. I'd found a pile of Seeker Arrows of Slay Undead (with about +20 to-dam), and wanted to make a point of using those rather than Rift/Manastorm to understand those tactics. Keeping an open field of fire required lots of Genocide, something I usually eschew. The power of archery is really impressive.

The Witch-King was absolutely trivial. He was summoned by Cantoras and I quickly teleported him away. When found later, he never summoned and only teleported me away a few times. The only attack he used was brain smashing, but I don't think I was ever slowed.

This trip I avoided problems with chain-summoning demons, but a flock of dragons ended the trip (by providing more artifacts than I could carry). A Greater Dragon Q survived long enough to summon Great Wyrms of Many Colors, Balance, and Law, and things went
downhill from there. I was already low on branded arrows (3 Undead, 6 Dragon, 15 Venom), so things didn't look good. I picked off the Dracoli(sk|ch) and non-summoning Wyrms with the arrows and then swapped to Umbar and a stack of Bolts of Wounding (about +25). Through much pain I took out the summoning Wyrms and most of their summons, finally genociding the last dozen once all of the bolts and arrows had been broken and I was down to 50 mana.

Next trip I'll be using this (not very mage-like) kit:
* Deathwreaker, Amras, Tulkas, =Speed+11, Trickery+4, Palantir
* Caspanion, Holcolleth, Shield of Deflection of Preservation, Numenor, Fingolfin, Thror

This is fairly promising, with 982 HP, 377 SP, 178 AC, Imm Fire, and all resists covered. My playstyle is to clear levels, so Aggravation isn't annoying, although the lack of Healing activations is worrisome. I would like to get back to using Belthronding or Umbar (although Amras is only slightly less powerful) and be able to use at least one of Elessar and Gondor, but I can't seem to avoid opening up a nasty hole.


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