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Finished with a long dive from 4500' to 5000'. Iound Draugluin and Kronos very quickly when I recalled to 4500' and Huan showed up at 4750', leaving only Sauron and Morgoth.

Found seven artifacts on the final levels, although most were left behind:
* Cambeleg in a Black Dragon pit on 4500'
* Gondricam from a Nightwalker on 4500'
* Colluin and Nain in a Demon pit on 4650'
* Cammithrim from a Greater Titan on 4650'
* Turmil from a Horned Reaper on 4900'
* Cubragol from a Demon pit on 4900'
* Arunruth from Sauron on 4950'

I also found stacks of Seeker Bolts of Slay Evil (+18,+24) and (+12,+18), two stacks of plain bolts of Slay Evil (+14 and +9 to-dam), and two Rods of Healing on the way.

I had been planning on going to 4900' collecting bolts before recalling home to swap from Bard to Umbar for the final two battles. However, finding Cubragol changed that -- I would have to fire at half the power of Umbar, but I would be at +29 base speed (and when hasted/brain smashed) and able to avoid almost all Morgoth double-moves. Since I had no compelling swaps at home, even with my new finds, I went to 4950' and then 5000' without recalling.

Sauron took 3 Restore Mana, 1 Healing, 1 Rod of Heal, and Soulkeeper. Only difficulty was hunting him down and getting the last 3 stars -- he kept on teleporting. Basic strategy -- find Sauron in a long corridor, fire plain Bolts of Slay Evil (+14 to-dam) until summons, then Mana Storm until he teleports.

Morgoth was a bit more difficult, probably because I was not aggressive enough with Genocide -- I kept on getting hit by multiple breaths or other attacks. Basic strategy -- find a corner room, put a single line of glyphs across the center of the room and stand with my back to the wall (about 4 spaces behind the glyphs), shoot the Seeker Bolts at Morgy until summons get in the way, then Mana Storm until he reaches the line of glyphs. Teleport him away, Mass Banishment, and repeat. When he was at about 2 stars, one of the summons used a tele-to which put me adjacent to Morgoth -- the subsequent earthquake mucked things up. From then, I used bolts and mana storm until Morgy was adjacent, and then Rift to move him away.

In the end, I used 7 Restore Mana, 14 Healing, 4 *Healing*, 1 Life (to restore Dex and Exp after some undead melee), 2 Rods of Healing, and Soulkeeper.

In addition to the equipment shown, I also had a huge library of books (about 5 of each town book and 30 of each dungeon book except Kelek's), more than 20 of each Healing potion, and 55 potions of Restore Mana in a far corner of the 5000' dungeon. Morgoth dropped nothing useful except Grond and the Crown, and none of the summons' drops survived the mana storms and earthquakes.

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