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Originally Posted by roustk View Post
Winner! Dump at
In the end, I used 7 Restore Mana, 14 Healing, 4 *Healing*, 1 Life (to restore Dex and Exp after some undead melee), 2 Rods of Healing, and Soulkeeper.
That's a godawful lot of potions- but, if you've got them quaff them . Now that you've killed Morgy 3 (?) times, it's worth noting that you can kill him with less, if you are looking for a faster win. That said, I don't play mages much- I've won a couple times with them, but that was long ago... I don't recall the specifics, so it may be harder to stay healthy. This is your first mage win right?

Originally Posted by roustk View Post
In addition to the equipment shown, I also had a huge library of books (about 5 of each town book and 30 of each dungeon book except Kelek's)
You don't need this unless you are collecting them for collecting's sake, which would make you... hmm.. an Angband spellbook Otaku. In V the dungeon books are safe once your Dex is over 18/150. BTW- nice massive hp for a mage.. I might have to try this combo sometime. Regen plus HP might be worth stupidity .

Congrats on the win. I think at number 3 you have passed the point of flukiness- you should win regularly now. Your others were Priests right? If you're looking for a challenge, try a warrior next . They are super powerful in the beginning, but at the end... the inventory trouble gets severe. You seem to play high HP chars though, so it might be a nice fit for you. Anyway, congrats, again.
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