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Thought of one more thing I've reported, but it was rather arcane and non-important. The initial allocation of stats on point based creation - could this be made user-editable? New races and classes can now be made relatively easily by tweaking the edit files, but the stat allocation can turn out oddly for such new race or class.

On an even more arcane note about initial allocation of stats, this time impacting standard roller mode. I think it would be nice to see the rolled stats before choosing the class. This would make even the birth process a more interesting exercise, make the standard roller viable as a real option, and add spice to the game. The point-based system may be recommended, but I'm tired of always starting a new @ with identical stats as the previous. Come to think of it, it would also be an interesting option to have race rolled randomly. We are born with whatever race we are, but we can choose our profession based on our innate talents.
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