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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
Yep, you've got everything that's on my list. Still trying to get you a "drops in walls" savefile.
Don't worry. My main task for a little is going to be dungeon generation, starting with some tidying up of how terrain behaves, which should fix objects falling in the wrong places.

Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
Oh, and reiterating a feature request to bring back the trap detection line, at least as a game-play option. (I note, "FAAngband does this...")

Currently, my only complaint is not liking the new treatment of secret doors not being detectable except by walk-by. I think it makes tactical approaches to pits difficult, wastes time unnecessarily feeling around for doors, and unfairly benefits experienced players who already have a good idea of where secret doors are most likely to be.
My chief reason for not wanting to bring the trap-detect line back is that it was a massive hack to terrain handling which I was really glad to remove. What I would rather do is consider the purpose it was serving for you (and presumably other people), and introduce a feature that serves that purpose directly. FAangband only still has it because it's currently abandonware

There is still some thinking to do about the best way to handle detection of traps, doors and stairs. My baseline is I don't want it to be something that everyone has to do routinely, but I'm open to suggestions. One possibility is bringing back some sort of perception stat which improves detection at a distance, but in a fixed way (like infravision) rather than a random check.

Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
Looking forward to, hopefully, seeing new terrain in the dungeon; like lava pits, water rooms, webs, hidden tree groves (ala FAAngband.) And to those who say trees don't grow underground, maybe its a shaft room with access to sunlight, or a giant mushroom forest like in Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

Maybe some of those one-time "special" levels from FAAngband too. "Drums in the deep...!!!" And "neutral" aligned "p", so that I can have a sop to my conscience about killing every single thing.
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