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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
There is still some thinking to do about the best way to handle detection of traps, doors and stairs.
I haven't played any *bands for about a year, but I used to play my homebrew based on 3.0 often enough before that. One of the very few things I missed from 3.1+ was the trap detection marker. Then I had an inspiration. What is a dungeon level? I'd discussed that many times over the years, with never a decent answer, and suddenly I knew. A dungeon level can be defined to be the area that shows up for detection spells. I.e. any detection should apply to the entire level. No more green lines. [I don't remember the history, but for some period of time detections covered what was in a resizable window, which with appropriate font size and terminal size could cover everything so this is not precisely unprecedented.]

This is a pretty radical change, one that makes the game noticeably easier. Occasionally I felt guilty when dObj gave me massive information, but I never felt guilty for longer than a second or two. It is insanely annoying trying to keep track of what areas have been covered by which detections.

Eliminating detection spells entirely is a possibility, though I think priests should get some. If you keep any detection spells in the game, you owe it to yourself to playtest with full level detections.
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