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those would have the same problem, but i was thinking about those levels which has 2-3 large cave-like rooms, generally oblong (30-40 squares in length, 10 or so in height) with small corridors connecting them.

basically we have now in the game caves, large caves, and huge rooms.

with large caves, one of the problems is, you recall in. in your first turn, if you light the room, you can easily wake 20+ mobs. if you walk to find a wall, it can be several steps before you realize where you are, and you wake several mobs by noise, none of which you can see. and maybe then you light up the room and then you are royally screwed.

huge rooms are just as dangerous, but they generally have something worth fighting for. they also only make up a small part of the dungeon so you can have a fighting chance if you move away from them quickly enough.

also, im not totally sure, but i think huge rooms are themed? if so, they are unlikely to generate anything terribly dangerous before you have the means to escape it. But large caves can easily pack ogres and orcs and uruks which are just not avoidable by anyone who can't TS with confidence (and sometimes, even then you can die).
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