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Returned to Angband from a holiday elsewhere. Some comments for Nick on the new version:

1. New hunger mechanic. Sorry, no. I find it even more of a nuisance with the gorge effect.

2. Tunneling with shovel in inventory. Wonderful!

3. New damage rules. Interesting. This was the first time I ended up carrying a spare weapon. Normally I find it's too much of a hassle (+30% damage to dragons - meh), but now it felt that it was worth it (+200% damage to dragons - yes please!). Not convinced that the details are right, but it's going in the right direction.

4. New damage rules applied to ranged damage. Um. Needs work. Heavy Crossbow of Extra Might (x5) (+12,+18) <+1>, only does 29 damage/round with a normal bolt. Seems a bit pathetic. Maybe just double or triple all ranged damage?

5. Exp modifiers. Are High-Elf and Dunedain meant to be "easy" races, since they don't appear to get any exp penalty? Could cause difficulties for competitions.

6. This has probably been reported plenty of times, but there's still a bug with @ not stopping in time when running. For instance, my @ automatically moved onto a trap with 100% searching skill.

7. Please address the Rogue's thieving skill before 4.2. It was a lot of fun originally (though overpowered). Now it's basically worthless.
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