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blandness in V (from DF forum)

Originally Posted by Robsoie
Angband necromancers gather and cast ... Thread Necromancy !

Angband 4.2.0 has been released, a big update as it has new magic (Nature and Shadow), classes and a lot of rebalancing (+bugfixes and code improvement) :

Sounds interesting, maybe time to get a new character as it's been so long i didn't played, hopefully it will feel a bit less generic and more Tolkien this time.

Edit : played a few levels and nope, it's still the exact same boring dungeon generation big empty room, very long corridors of nothing , no special dungeon features or etc... some monsters here and there that do nothing interesting, etc...
I guess after playing all those roguelikes that can do some very interesting dungeons and explorations, vanilla Angband is not for me anymore, entirely too generic with nothing special.

Probably time to see what variants there is currently, too bad most of them are based on older version of Angband without all the interface and other quality of life improvement 4.x has
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