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Have we all been there? !DEATH

Heh, didnt know potions could kill you! Thought it was safe to drink unIDd pots, but
then again, this game never ceased to suprise me.

Random thoughts;

At the time I was battling a small dragon pit, which yielded lots of good equipment.

I did that because I wanted the inventory slot, and I had no other means to ID things.

This char was probably my best attempt yet items wise. First time I played withouth
Randarts, and autoscumming for good levels off.
(had lots of interesting levels non-theless)

Previous quest was for Haroween the black, and just before I met him, I battled a
Ancient fire dragon, which I used my swap weapon for. Haroween then proceded to
steal my main weapon, I then had to flee from him, so I never saw that weapon again.
Thats why i'm using that halberd.
If my calculation are correct, it does 105 average damage (counting dice, acid, melee
bonus from weapon and #blows)

The crossbow I was carrying was doing amazing damage. But can someone explain to me
what "It increases your shooting power by 2" means?
I guess it ups the "Shooting" category by 2, but whats the difference between having
it 2 levels higher? And are "Legendary" max you can have? If so, wouldnt that extra +2 mean nothing?

Couldnt find any decent rings, nor amulets. Why ain't there some amulets inbetween
searching/acid/lighting/slow digestion/wisdom and the realy good ones? All my chars
(100s) have been stuck with lousy amulets.

I've problems finding confusion resistance, in fact can't remember last char who got

As you can see

| 693390| 47 | 35 | Destroyed Akhorahil the Blind
| 694119| 47 | 35 | Found The Phial 'Areleb'
| 694130| 47 | 35 | Found The Star 'Eilirmor'
| 694141| 47 | 35 | Found The Broad Sword 'Mahalar'
| 694297| 47 | 35 | Found The Large Leather Shield of Anenorth

Akhorahil the Blind had a really good drop, sucks though it was mere
minutes before this death.
That sword in my inventory really trumps what i'm wealding, but it was unIDd. (160 AVG
damage compared to the 105 above, and 220 against dragons)
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