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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
This means that the Tarrasque will breathe disenchantement exclusively when a character has both fire and cold immunities. Basically monsters will cheat, knowing what a character resists and what spells are useless to cast.
Not quite. There used to be three "monster intelligence" options -- monsters learn, monsters cheat, and monsters are smart. The "cheat" one is as you describe. The "learn" one is basically similar, except the monster has to try an attack once before it discovers that the attack doesn't work. So the Tarrasque would breathe fire/cold precisely once each before sticking to disenchantment in your example.

Smart monsters is different, though, in that it biases what spells monsters cast based on the monster's situation. In particular it prioritizes escape and recovery spells when the monster is low on health, which is why I said it makes uniques with those spells basically unkillable. I don't know what effect it has on the monster's choice of damage spells though.
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