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I'm still seeking my first win with a BG. My latest attempt was a Half-Troll. Pretty resilient, tho the low INT obviously presents some issues. Birth buy was 6/6/0/4/3 to hit important levels plus 1 point I can't recall where.

What I wanted to post about was the unique list of detectable monsters. It really makes a big difference, I think, and I want to look at the list of non-detectables a bit more closely in the future. In this Troll run I was in DL 40s and CL 31. I was using Seek Battle a ton, as you might expect, and found myself face-to-face with Huan!!! (native depth 90, SB will not detect) Bit of a tense moment there that I luckily survived. For the record, I later died at DL 57 and CL 33 due to reckless resistance gaps.

Short of ESP, is anyone using additional detection beyond Seek Battle, or are you just doing what I am and hoping to avoid any major mishaps with monsters left undetected?

I'm really glad Nick implemented this change (I had Seek Battle as a clone of Detect Life b/c I didn't know how to program Detect Fear). So much better thematic fit and really interesting imo to have a detectable list that is different from other classes.
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