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I agree that Detect Fear is an incredibly good detection spell. Probably the best detection spell available to non-mage-bookers (though I haven't played either Druid or Ranger, so I don't know how it compares to Detect Life, I expect Detect Life to be the inverse of Detect Evil though, great early but not so great later). However, I did still use Rods of Detection to find nasties like Quthylugs (I always avoid Quthylugs, way to easy for things to go sideways fighting them), vortices, and the like.

Man, I hate vortices. Almost died a couple of times when I wasn't paying close enough attention and got chaos breathed on by that stationary vortex unique.

Edit: I honestly found High Elf to be the best Blackguard (though perhaps that's not a surprise, since High Elf is effectively "easy" mode for most classes). The high stealth helped keep my stealth from being *too* terrible, the high devices gave me a (often) better ranged option than bows, which Blackguards kind of suck at, and of course High Elves get stat bonuses to all the stats Blackguards care about.

Dunadan would probably be really good too, but I always miss intrinsic See Invisible (or even Infravision!) when I play them.
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