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It's been non-responsive for the past two hours or so as of time of posting (12:22PM U.S. Central, 17:22 GMT), so I gave it a checkup at Decisively not there.

Google News hasn't reacted as of time of posting.

(My interest is that if this keeps up it could throw off the release cycle for Z.C++. But UnAngband is also affected.)
Zaiband: end the "I shouldn't have survived that" experience. V3.0.6 fork on Hg.
Zaiband 3.0.10 ETA Mar. 7 2011 (Yes, schedule slipped. Latest testing indicates not enough assert() calls to allow release.)
Z.C++: pre-alpha C/C++ compiler system (usable preprocessor). Also on Hg. Z.C++ 0.0.10 ETA December 31 2011
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