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monster.txt (version 4.2.0)

Hey Nick,

just took a look at the 4.2.0 version, because i actually could not find any explanation for power and scaled power used in the 4.0.4 version in monster.txt.
If you can, would be kind to give a quick explanation of what those numbers influence. Thanks

By the way, your comments in monster_base.txt to each type / race are pretty cool. But actually currently it seems that you need to define in monster.txt anyway all attributes a monster has.
Would be cool if you could define in monster_base.txt some basic stats, which are taken if monster.txt specifies nothing otherwise. Could shorten monster.txt and make things more conform to how you think they should be.

For example: ants have (to your comment) strong attacks for their depth, but actually a soldier ant makes 1d2 melee damage ... so either we have a different understanding about strong attack or your comment is currently nothing more than a 'wishlist'.
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