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Originally Posted by Tibarius View Post
Would be cool if you could define in monster_base.txt some basic stats, which are taken if monster.txt specifies nothing otherwise. Could shorten monster.txt and make things more conform to how you think they should be.
Sorry, but I would rather suggest to move all monsters paramaters from monster_base.txt back to monsters.txt. It will make monster management easier.. It's much easier to rebelance monsters in monsters.txt, where everything lies in one place. Even now having certain stuff in monster_base is making work with monsters confusing as you could forget which flags assigned to base monster. It's much easier to work with monsters in ONE file, when you see the whole bunch of monster parameters in ONE place; then having to look in two files. I know what I'm speaking about as I've recently introduced several dozens monsters in my variant (based at PWMA, which is based at V).
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