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Funny old game sometimes

So my level 18 dwarven priest finds Old Man Willow in a Cul-de-Sac behind a door at DL 19 (see attached pic - picture an l where that shield is) I quickly back up and assess my projectile options. Two orbs of draining:

"It ignores the attack 2x"

ok no where near enough mana for that Old Man Willow has 1000 hitpoints. Ouch

How 'bout my iron shots - if I can land enough of them (I have 36 and do more than 30 damage) maybe I can land enough to have a chance in melee

Try 3-5 shots. No, I'm missing too much.
Wait a minute

"You feel something roll between you're feet"

My iron shots were returning to me!
There's a scroll under Old Man Willow and the shots won't stop on the door so I'm getting them all back. In addition, when he commands me to return - the game won't let me stop in the doorway. I have FA, so his attempts to paralyze or slow fail.

60+ shots later

Old Man Willow dies

Unfortunately, all he leaves behind is a minor shield upgrade. However:

Welcome to level 19
You feel less naive
Welcome to level 20
Welcome to level 21
You can learn 3 more prayers

Apparently Old Man Willow is worth 3K+ EXP to a level 18 dwarven priest almost half of my total to date.
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