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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
Thanks for the heads up. Much as I'm glad to see whirlwind viable, that does suggest high protection builds are getting extremely solid. Not the worst possibility as you say, high evasion has ruled the roost for quite a while. However I'm a wee bit concerned that it's making it easier for new players to build a tin can that's very hard to open but which does relatively little damage, making combat into a bit of a slog. Does this seem plausible?
Well it was certainly already plausible at least in the orc - easterling depth, it happens quite regularly with smiths who have not much in melee but really nice armour. The new Wraiths were certainly hitting hard, whispering shadows of course & Ancient Spiders always hit for a lot. I think there would of been a fair few things that were getting through that I just ignored because I had high damage output & a Fingolfin's con.
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