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One thing I've discovered, from YouTube playlists: Psychedelic rock is back. Pink Floyd is showing up unexpectedly, and there are a number of very new bands.
Dandy Warhols
The Walking Who
Church of the Cosmic Skull (who have the funniest band website I have ever seen.)

Of course trance music isn't all that different. "Dead Can Dance" would have fit in fine at Woodstock. Any Floyd fans should really be happy with the revival. Bit I wouldn't call it 'new'. It's very much retro.

BTW: if you DO want to find interesting new music, Seattle has a phenomenal streaming radio station: KEXP public radio. They are a major reason Seattle is on the map, musically. They have half hour live performances almost every weekl from touring bands who want to get the news out locally. Pearl Jam plays there often, natch. (And no, they are not new. They started in 1990.)
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