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Had fun with this. Thanks to David Medley for your work, & Nick for the initial idea of a bad stealth berserker.

I'll hmm... go through the spell list? If you want something else, just ask.

spell:Seek Battle - a detect, self explanatory.
spell:Berserk Strength - works as a fear cure. Other then that I fell berserk needs work in general in vanilla. I always feel the downside in AC is worse then the +hit. Frogcompos has a more fun version.
spell:Leap into Battle - used it a fair bit up to warg form which has fast move. Still used it occasionally, between the 2 spells I could get up close to Qs and drujs and just smash
spell:Shatter Stone - dig spell. dig good.
spell:Whirlwind Attack - needs to work with bloodlust to be worth it.
spell:Grim Purpose - obviously good

spell:Maim Foe - good spell didn't use much after warg form, because can't cast when you are a warg
spell:Howl of the Damned - didn't use much. Probably strong though, seeing the wargs fear effect in action... It was Maia and great drakes at times.
spell:Relentless Taunting - ran this non stop. One of my 4 core spells in the end. Bloodlust, Taunt, Venom, Werewolf. Those were the 4 I just spammed in the endgame.
spell:Venom - another of my core. I used firestar for a while and it's actually a good weapon with a 2nd brand. Then I had Orome which is another fire brand. I think balrogs might be effected by poison?
spell:Werewolf Form - a woooh...

spell:Bloodlust - risked Morgoth with this. Actually I risked everything with this. Taresque, Pitfiends, the unique canines, Sauron. Not sensible, but it is damn brutal & maybe you can just get away with it. I certainly did.
spell:Unholy Reprieve - useful. especially considering bloodlust side effects.
spell:Forceful Blow - forgot this existed. I think I used it around the point I got it though?
spell:Quake - used it as a sight breaker in the Morgoth fight and as a pseudo heal. Its ok, but not wonderful
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