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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
a) the Blade of Chaos 'Feariona' (15d5) (+15,+15) [+10] <+2, +1>
Found lying on the floor in a vault at 4850 feet (level 97)

+2 intelligence.
+1 wisdom.
+1 attack speed.
+1 light.
Slays dragons (powerfully), undead, demons, giants, orcs.
Branded with weak fire.
Provides resistance to Cold, Chaos.
Cannot be harmed by Acid.
Prevents paralysis. Blessed by the gods (combat bonuses for holy

Combat info:
5.0 blows/round.
This weapon may benefit from one or more off-weapon brands or
Average damage/round: 1819.5 vs dragons and demons, 1252.5 vs
undead, demons, giants, and orcs, 969 vs evil creatures and
creatures not resistant to fire, and 685.5 vs. others.

This might be the best non-MoD randart weapon I have seen yet, found by a priest.
Usually you don't even get 969 vs evil with GROND!
These kinds of arts are plain stupid...
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