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ah, a "bit" of luck, Longbow of Lothlorien X5 dropped by a lost soul on DL20, Kelek's dropped by a master rogue on DL23 (immediately sold and turned into a potion of CON).

I did manage to get myself down to 3hp because of the shock and joy, but fortunately i recalled, and i live.

DL40, LF 6-8, special room. I am attacked by an ethereal dragon, which i manage to survive - luckily it doesnt breathe light and i can damage it. I also have a mushroom of clear mind to prevent confusion. But, at some point .. i'm not sure, but i think the ethereal dragon summoned a AMHD, could it be? Anyway, *something* summoned a AMHD. I have to TO.
While i did get away, unfortunately i had to bail out, and will never know what that -8 was.
"i can take this dracolich"

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