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Thanks very much for this excellent port.
Having been playing a Dwarf Paladin for a couple of days when I have a chance, I'd like to ask if it would be possible for any of the following improvements to be made - I think some at least may not be possible without changes to core vanilla source so :shrug:

* In the inventory, it would save a bunch of space if we could choose to abolish the item type in the listings. Instead of "5 scrolls of Treasure Detection" it could just say "5 Treasure Detection" or if you wanted an identifier, the ASCII symbol would work well. "! Heroism" "~ 5x Treasure Detection" .

* Can we move the status bar (displays Level feeling, Hunger stsus, buffs/conditions etc) to the top of the screen? it's currently somewhat obscured under my ribbon bar which I have at high opacity.

* This may be a bad attempt at keymapping, but I have a keymap for casting 2 spells - m1am1f (I've also tried m1a\e\em1f ) but the keymap only triggers the first spell (in fact the button text on the keymap only displays m1a too - am I missing something here?)

Once again, great port; really impressed; thanks for getting me back to playing Angband after quite a gap.
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