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Thumbs up Turning D&D 3.5 into a Multiplayer Roguelike.

This is my first port of this idea.
  • I am going to through using computer random generators, for treasure and dungeon layout, run a d&d game like rouguelike. Every time they go up or down a stairs just us the computer to make a new dungeon. There will be 20 levels of dungeon going down.
  • I am going to make completely different price charts for scrolls and potions, add a number of new ones to d&d for each. I need to invent(or steal) a system for availability of items in the town.
  • I need to mess with spells a bit for each class, and does anyone know a good online list of angband spells?(thank you Faust)
  • Characters are going to be using point base(32pts) creation for the players can't brag/complain about you did better cause of good stats. I am also going to use first level gets full hp and double it, so wizard gets 8+con bonus and warrior gets 20+con bonus.
  • Forgot changing d&d rest system to from each day to each hour to make up for higher amount of high combat.
  • Work out a system for random encounters/spawning new monsters in areas already cleared.
  • dealing with movement relative to time. d&d 30ft(20ft for small characters) a turn which is like 3 squares a turn in angband.
  • I need to make a scoring system for when players die/win.
  • Need to find a good way to turn d&d's spell slot system into a spell point system.
  • I think this is the end of the first post, but any suggestions or comments are welcome and encouraged.
  • More will come as I test this all out.
first test will be sometime between now and 5/8/07. Will post how it goes.

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