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Originally Posted by Drevasa View Post
Need to find a good way to turn d&d's spell slot system into a spell point system.
A good way I've seen this approached in tabletop is give each level of spells a fixed mana cost, eg ascending 1, 3, 5, 10 etc and calculate the total mana cost a pc can cast by adding up all the values.

Next you simply allow the caster to spend those mana points on any spells he can cast. Note that this should not mean any spells he *knows*; the mage should still have to choose from his reportoire by memorizing castings in the usual slot allowance, elsewise mages will become broken.

Being able to choose as many different spells as you have slots and still allow for multiple castings is slightly offset by the fact that spare slots (due to insufficient reportoire) are essentially useless, except for the purpose of generating mana.

The tricky part is balancing the value of each level and, of course, rebalancing the powers of the spells to take account of the new environment: more copies of big spells are possible in chain castings, as well as mid+ level mages being able to spit magic missiles like, well, spit.

The added flexiblity can bring imbalance, so maybe a reduction in the number of available slots is a good idea, so essentially a deficit will actually be introduced unless mana is managed well by the player.

EDIT- actually, is this solo play? I'm confused about what kind of multiplayer game you intend.

If so, mages may well need some powering up without fighters to keep the orcs at bay, especially in this kind of hack & slash arena, so maybe yoiu won't need to reduce casting amounts.
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