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Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
Thanks for reporting, and welcome to oook!

Not sure how well I can fix this stuff without a similar system to test on (and tile-related problems in general are not a top priority unless they also interfere with ASCII play), but I'll try to fix the compile error and the nonexistent reference to David Gervais' tiles at least.
Thanks for answering. You have disabled issues on GitHub so I thought it's better to disturb you here. sulkasormi gives an impression that you are from Finland.

I understand the tile issue. Tiles won't exist for everything so why bother displaying only part of them? Same goes with sounds. If there's no sounds, why disabling the mixer should break compilation? Just ditch the unused code.

Using SDL interface doesn't necessarily add anything to the gameplay. Someone with debugging skills could check out what causes the crash.
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