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Originally Posted by Firons2 View Post
Thanks for the quick reply. Another question - are rods a straight upgrade to staves because of their weight, even when taking the increased charges into account?
There are not very many rods with effects similar to a staff, so a direct comparison is seldom necessary.

When the comparison does happen (e.g. with Illumination or Enlightenment, or Staff of Speed vs. Rod of Heroic Speed) the rod does usually win, but not because of the weight. The biggest selling points of a rod compared to a staff (or wand) are that it cannot be destroyed, only stolen, and that it recharges much faster. That the rod wins is not a given, though - sometimes a staff is better, either because you anticipate having to use it many times in quick succession or because it has so many more charges as to outweigh the faster recharging on the rod. The staff might also have lower fail rates, since many of the best rod effects are very high-level and difficult to use - characters with so-so device skill often find Rods of Angelic Healing too unreliable for combat and prefer to carry Staves of Healing.

The FAQ has a more detailed comparison which also covers potions, scrolls and wands.
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