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I find greater werewolves one of the more troublesome monsters (and lost several light builds to them directly especially when found early in vaults). I suspect the damage I dish out is more important than evasion, however. Usually the main damage they do is by poison and unless I can kill them fast the poison damage adds up quickly. My findings are 1) Spear of Boldog is a great weapon and I hold on to it now instead of other Doriath weapons (2d14 w/ 2 STR, two-handed is a lot and after killing the first one the others have much reduced moral) 2) with about 50 aggregated melee (melee+stealth+perception/2) they go down in a single round to a subtle shortsword 3) poison resistance matters.

I wonder whether the best way is simply taking riposte. Then "too high evasion" isn't something to worry about and evasion moonlights as an offensive skill. (Although it interferes with concentration.) Afaik debo builds stabbers more for minimal evasion, while I would naturally tend to go for minimal stealth and maximal evasion (although results are mixed so far).

P.S. I only realized recently that Gorthaur = Sauron and while lord of the werewolves, he can obviously take different forms. Never realized this in game.

P.P.S. More on topic: I lost two chars to greater werewolves one had 25 (w. much lower protection), the other 23 evasion (w. medium protection) recently. (Orfirch and Galadriel if you want to look them up.)

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