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Originally Posted by Huqhox View Post
That's a great point and would add extra peril when tiptoeing around a room with sleeping monsters... wake up a noisy one and risk them all waking up.

All it would take is a noise rating for each monster and then some test to see if they wake up any sleeping monsters in range.

It's also bugged me how you can have a group of sleeping ogres and pick them off one at a time, have a nice noisy fight right next to the others while they snore away oblivious... a monster being woken up by being attacked really ought to wake up any other monsters around.
I seem to recal in D&D that thieves had a 'backstabbing' attack they could perform if they could surprise their opponents. Has that ever been considered for Angband? It could be a unique attack for rogues to tiptoe through a sleeping pack of monsters, attacking each in turn without waking the whole bunch up. Other character classes could attempt the same kind of attack, but with presumably higher failure rates (not as backstabby, I guess).
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