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Cthangband 6.1 Release

I've patched a few bugs in Cthangband 6.0. Here's a link to the new version:

Cthangband 6.1 Installer

The change list is:
  • Fixed bug where items/spells that did "Detect All" were stopping after the first type of thing they successfully detected, rather than continuing to call the other detection functions.
  • Fixed bug in character viewer where "Shots per Round" and "Blows per Round" were showing incorrect values.
  • Fixed bug where unidentified ammunition wasn't re-stacking when being picked up again after having been fired.
  • Fixed obscure bug where a particular combination of recalling and taking the stairs in different dungeons could result in a town temporarily containing the wrong shops.
  • Pets will now *actually* follow you from level to level. Usually.
  • New journal page added, listing current pets.
  • Fixed bug where selling a pile of items would tell you it was giving you the money for all of them but would actually only give you the money for one of them.
  • Characters now begin the game weilding their starting equipment (finally!)
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't dismiss pets if you had no mutations or racial powers.
  • Arrows now have a greater chance of being recovered after having been fired (75% rather than 50%).
  • Failing a sanity loss badly can now result in you gaining a random mutation.
Thanks to those of you who reported some of those.
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