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Originally Posted by gimber View Post
At some point I said "yes" to auto destroy an empty chest. Now it's always destroying that type of chest, even if not empty. I can't find chests anywhere in the worthless options. Is there any way to change it?
I think that's a bug. I'm going to have to check the code and how it handles chests, and see if I can improve it in 6.2.

Edit: I've fixed it at both ends. Chests are now included in the "Worthless Items" section of the Journal (you can specify to auto-destroy empty/disarmed/locked/trapped chests of each type there now). Also, chests - like weapons - no longer ask you if you want to auto-destroy similar items if you destroy one. While I was at it, I discovered a bug where examining a chest that was disarmed and unlocked but not yet opened would crash the game so I fixed that too!

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