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Release 38 (13-Jul-2020)

Most of the stuff in this release is implemented after feedback, so big thanks for it!
  • Hopefully fixed a severe infinite loop bug that could happen when you looted home furniture of charmed creatures. (thanks to Horvatii and Mkok)
  • Companions no longer enter a teleporter that you just came out from. (thanks to Claudio)
  • Companions follow the player better in corridors and other tight areas. (thanks to Claudio)
  • Resting 100 rounds for Health / Stamina is interrupted when one of your companions reach full Health / Stamina. (thanks to Claudio)
  • Companions use ammunition now more intelligently. (thanks to Claudio)
  • You can give a Flask of Poison or a Flask of Slime to a companion who will then automatically use it.
  • New feature: Autoammo. When autoammo is enabled, the best ammunition against a target is automatically selected. Autoammo tries to restrain, poison, or otherwise select an ammunition that the creature is most vulnerable to. Ammunition of Dismiss or Explosion are not used, but ammunition of Slime and Poison are. Can be toggled with CTRL + Q. Can be toggled from the main game mode or from target mode. A green "AA" text is shown in the weapon set box when a ranged weapon and autoammo is active.
  • Squirm talent grants a bonus when trying to squirm through a restraining map effect (web, slime).
  • Fixed checking if a creature is on a restraining map effect when he uses reach or ranged attack.
  • AI spellcasters are not so spammy with web / poison cloud spells.
  • It is no longer possible to edit inventories of summoned celestials. (You could summon them, take their weapons and sell them at the shop, thanks to Mkok for reporting this)
  • Drow companion now has a proper dualwield talent that is listed on his character sheet. (thanks to Claudio)
  • Log viewer separates which messages belong to a given round. (thanks to Claudio)
  • Amulet of Health no longer grants immunity to poison but resistance of 2 points.
  • The miscellaneous statistics in obituary files shows the number of animated and summoned creatures.
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