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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I like the general idea of making mass banishment more interesting, but this specific idea seems like probably too big a nerf.
Understood. I spent more timing chewing on the topic with that in mind. Here's some thoughts that arose:
  • Interactivity is good, standing out in the darkness mass-deleting enemies is not.
  • Cast-at-target seems like a good way to make that happen, getting the player in the action more, and moving around more.
  • More variable risk that the player has to strategize through is good.

So, how about this idea that keeps engagement, planning, and interactivity up, but isn't as nerf-ey as the "enemy is a flashbang grenade" LOS style mass banishment:

Description text: "Center an arcane blast on a targeted enemy that will banish that enemy and all enemies near them. Blast radius is the distance from player to target."

Here, the player will target an enemy that acts as the middle of the blast, with the size of the blast defined by distance from @ to target.

A player will strategize to figure out the optimal position to be in and what enemy to target. They may quaff a speed pot and bust around a corner to get the jump on awake enemies and target a baddie deep in the crowd for maximal effect. Or, a sneaky mage may STM through walls to create the perfect spot to haste and pop the wall to get a big ol' banish blast fired off, carefully judging what's in the room and where they can safely be exposed for a turn to hit the perfectly chosen distant target for a big ol arcane hit of banishment.

Sneaky players will of course always look for opportunities for creative use of the spell, trying to find a single louse at the end of a room or hall that has a huge number of nasties beyond it. Bold players may even, in a pinch, tunnel to the perfect spot and risk reading a summon scroll to get the ideal max-radius that will tear up a nearby room.

(If desired, perhaps a max-range could be implemented to cover any concern of extreme-range edge cases).

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