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21: 3-2. Catacomb level, nothing remarkable other than the first umber hulk encounter. Well, that and a ranger who summoned things, backed up by some dark hounds. Did the wail-and-bail, but did not use any consumables, save for a CSW when confused and blind. Best treasure is a potion of enlightenment. Will keep for suitable use later.

22: 5-4. Not a clue do I have of what it was I was fighting as the welcoming party– suspect some dark elf mage? Fought while blind, confused. Drank a CSW to clear it, blind/confused instantly. Killed something in the dark, and then I felt (how?) a rod of curing. Merci. Crack open a minivault, which proves troublesome. Have to portal away and come back twice, but net a rod of lightning bolts and a decent shield of resist acid.

23: 4-5 Lots of orcs/snagas floating about, in numbers that require a bit of finesse. Find a CON potion lying on the floor. (Gulp). Merci. Scroll of Acquirement gives better leather scale mail of resistance (merci) and I snag a second rod of lightning bolts, and an amulet of Wisdom (+2). Doesn’t do much (adds 5 sp to a total of 25), but every little bit helps.

24: 6-5: Welcoming committee is a pack of air hounds. Alert observers will note the lack of rPois at this point, so they are troublesome … despite void in rPois, I manage to dust ‘em off without going into consumables. That’s the goal, now: Gain XP and loot without using consumables if at all possible. Lugdush shows up, dies with no consumables expended, drops nothing of real worth other than a weapon that’s not as good as the artifact. Wander around mopping up uruks, orcs, half-orcs. I find a small vault, but ... granite and no digging ring, because I dropped that. Det evil shows me Nar the Dwarf there, a few other baddies. Inaccessible, right? No worry. I have Earthquake. Fire that up a few times and voila, I’ve cracked open a vault to find pre-damaged inhabitants. Burn through too many consumables for not enough reward. Nar drops diddly. Blast. I am just about to go down stairs, after a tussle with trolls, and see Ibun. Huh? He never came up in any of my det evil sweeps.... I then do exactly what i didn’t want to: burn through consumables on a gamble of a drop, but he has just a suit of armor with no resists. Dang, stupid. Not worth a healing potion and two phase doors.

25: 3-3 Great, Khim is the welcoming committee. Not going to be fooled twice, I portal away. I find Ulfang, knock him off. What the heck? Is this the unique family level? Get the Umber brothers, portal away. OK, not good. Time to find a stair and leave. CL 26 now, but low on consumables. Have to remember I now have enough spell points that I can at least heal thyself, paladin.

26: 5-3: Troll priest is welcoming committee. I wander about, looking for useful consumables. Several times, bail mid-battle facing trolls, bats of gorgoth. Running out of iron balls, too. This is where my dumb play from two levels ago is going to come back to haunt me: low consumables and few missiles means few options other than melee. Feagdor the half-Orc paladin is a goner unless the winds of fate change a bit. No sooner do I finish writing that sentence, than a lone forest troll dies politely and coughs up a ring of accuracy. I’ve not used such things before, but ... hmm. A pair of Enchant Armor scrolls and new boots (with stealth) counteract what Ibun disenchanted. Still wearing a totally useless cap that was acid-bathed on level five or six. That has to go. Chased by a wereworm to Level 27.

27: 6-8: I land practically in bed with a crap-ton of orcs, Ugluk, a mindflayer and a manticore. I look at the layout, and figure it’s a reasonable risk-reward to go in. Alas, det evil does not pick up the vibration hounds, who stun me. It takes three tries to portal away… which justifies, to some degree, the intent of keeping spell points for portal. Now, det evil picks up ghouls. On goes ring of frAct, off goes Ring of Accuracy. Beat up on ghouls, along with a stray vibration hound. Quaff Enlightenment (I have six) to figure out what that “8” might be. Nothing leaps out, but some arrows- yeah, would be nice to get the bow back in action. The Gorgimera guard falls easily enough. Hmm. +5/+13 slay demon, 36 of ‘em. I start sneaking back (I sneak like tank) to Ugluk. Incoming Umbar brothers. I chisel away at one, portal out, rest. Only one comes after me, meaning I can quaff a speed potion, hit him with a slow monster, and feed a steady diet of cold bolts from a wand. Angaiwhatzits drops a flail. I then go after Ungiwhoever, burning a few PD scrolls and charges from the slow monster wand. He drops a randart set of gauntlets that have +4 wisdom and sDig, plus ... i dunno, because there’s still a rune on it yet seen. Strangely enough, around the corner are three rune scrolls. One goes, to reveal ... rPois. Oh, thank you, it’s been too long without rPois. I go hunting for Ugluk, knock off some orcs and wait... and wait. He doesn’t show. I walk around, and realize DE has picked him up, but he’s stuck inside a mini-vault. And I now know how to open those, albeit crudely. This takes a bit, a ton of spelll points on Earthquake (rest to full if it didn’t open the vault). Once a path is made – four tries, if I recall - some more wail-and-bail (a colbran proves troublesome) reveals a wand of TO (timely, off goes Khim into timeout) and a neat scimitar that offers +1 STR, +4 wis, +2 stealth, +6 speed, immunity to lighting, rcold, rfear and [16] AC, and a bunch of slays. It is not weilded. Why? Because lantern go poof, and other sword gives light. Gracious.

28:4-5. I enlighten the level, hoping for oil or a lamp. Also find a mystery amulet that turns out to be a randart, +2 Int, +3 Wis, +2 speed, frAct. Instantly up to +8 speed. No real nasties, except for a Colbran who fries the wand of TO before dying. Only after this do I find oil for lamp (Sigh) and swap in scimtar that has iElec. Seems like this was as bit of a re-organization level.

29: 7- 3. The “three” comes right quick. Mission: find stairs and get out of Dodge. Possible reason: bughouse in corner (with scorpions and beetles and the like.) Engage portal, keep looking for stairs, but now less worried. If that’s the reason for the 7, maybe not such a dangerous spot, since I know where it is. I successfully scrounge for a few goodies, with relatively little resistance (save a few int points loaned to a mind flayer) then leave.

30: 4-3. No notable foes. A few dragons, but nothing unmanageable. Moved through and down, quickly.
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