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31: 5-8. This turns out to be juicy level, quite quickly. A special room has Khim and Ibun. OK, Khim has chased me through at least three out of the last eight levels or something, so it’s time to deal with the guy. I manage to lure Khim away, and burn some PD scrolls to avoid the disenchantment effects. Also burn through some balls and arrows, before victory. Ibun proved a bit harder. The room they were in features a potion of Experience, and a staff of slow monsters. Also pick up a magic lantern that is only +2 light, but offers iCold. Now level 31with some buffs to wisdom (11!) giving 52 spell points. That’s a bit of flexibility - ‘fact, used Orb of Draining on Khim when there wasn’t enough time to recollect shots on the ground. That, and a mind flayer was close on Khim’s heels, and I figured an Orb would do some damage to both.

32: 5-2: Engage in a rollicking cross-dungeon gun-and-run with Lokkak, who dishes out some nasty melee damage a few times, so I stick with the Phase-and-attack-from-afar plan until he croaks and drops the Main Gauche of Rungon. Hefty item, packs +4 Con. But not worth giving up more damage and +6 speed for 39hp. Not interested in beating up trolls and ogres, which is about all that’s left.

33: 5-4 Amazing what some hit points and rPois will do for you. A basilisk is the welcoming committee, and lasts about as long as a politician’s promise. At this point, the “sense surroundings” spell is sufficiently viable, mana-wise, that I decide to dump the staff of mapping I’ve been hauling around since forever. A healing potion – awesome. Also two ‘restore mana’ potions, and some pebbles for the sling. I am still carrying two launchers... and that original randart bastard sword that was so amazing not that long ago. Getting time to think about paring the gear. Now up to five rods of lighting bolts, but their effectiveness is diminishing as opponents grow nastier. They may be the next to go. And I can’t see using the randart sword in the future. I will take it one more level, and then see.
34: 6-5: Despite its danger rating, this level never felt anywhere near nasty. A minivault proved problematic, mind you, because of a few stone giants and a golem, but nothing a little wail-and-bail didn’t solve. Did use the rods of LB some, so will keep. Ditched randart bastard sword. Think it’s time to think about a new launching system. Sling gives 33pt per round, arrows 22. I take a bit of a gamble, drop 30-odd iron balls, pick up a heavy crossbow (0,0) in the hopes i can transition to something with more ooomph on the launcher side.

35: 8- 3 Huh. So six danger wasn’t tough enough, apparently, and Angband always has more. Up to eight it is. Oh, and that room right-freaking-next-door? Big, way open space stacked with giants, trolls, ogres, that of thing. Obligingly clear the entire lot – a good 40 – by luring them in bunches into hallways, softening ‘em up with lightning bolts then skewering a line of six or seven, then going back in, softening up the next round with acid ball (rod) ring of fire ring of ice, then retreating into the hall to reprise the lightning bolts. Much XP gained, no consumbles lost. A timely det evil picks up a ghost, fire up a see invisible spell, kill it before it can do any draining. Det evil really paying dividends: picks up some beholders and evil eyes in what looks like locker. Det evil not long after picks up three dreads, in a corner. Not interested in playing with either of those. However, dreads and ghosts really brings into focus the urgent need for a full-time det invis, at least, or ESP, ideally.

36: 7-3 :Merrily chewing through some low-level kobolds, I gain a bit of insight into the seven – inertia hounds. Try to take out two, get hit hard, have to portal out.... det evil. Banshee right there. Four dreads. Back to the need for invis, or ESP. Oh, also landed right on top of a room with night mare. Not my favourite critter. There is no way to get out of this area save by digging out or portaling. I choose the latter. Bit of finagling, find a corner that I can work from that has a stair down. Bail. After months of steadily playing this addictive game, I’m starting to gain a sense of when to simply move on.

37: 5-1. Ugh. Find queen ant in a room that came up empty in DE. Again, the need for ESP is proving rather urgent. Portal out, find orcs and Shagrat. Figure worth a poke. Knock Shagrat down, nothing of interest. Play a little run and gun with Queen ant, but in the midst of this, smack a dark elf that drops a reasonable pike with see invis on it. Pick that up as a swap. I continue the run and gun with Queenie, and I engage with the idea I will continue the battle but play it cautious, and abandon conflict if I start edging into consumable terrain. Why? Heck, it’s about time one of these uniques gave me something .... and after variations of the chase-me-into-the-hall and use of rods of LB to rid myself of her summed fire ants (who, interestingly, seem smarter than giants in the “chase guy down straight hall and get fried” department), I knock her off, and ... voila, law dragon scale mail. Puts AC to 145, and I don’t care about dropping the leather mail of resistance, as I have the four biggies covered off (and two as immunities, as you may recall.) Oh, and somewhere in that maelstrom of death, CL 32 came along. I never noticed when.

38: 5-1. Welcoming committee is a bunch of cave orcs, and Bolg. Bolg is first to feel the output of the new armour. Wander about, but not much here so move on.

39: 5-3: skulk about using DE liberally. Keeps me on top of a vampire, which is killed at range easily. Ditto for a lich. Mature gold dragon is an interesting tussle, and she helps ID a rune on the dragon armor as rSound, which I kind of suspected. She drops two Enchant-to-Hit, which I use on the longbow I’ve been carrying around since forever. (level 11). In fact, I realize I’ve use it as a dump for a lot of enchant scrolls: it’s now +9,+5. Still, not much for this kind of level.

40: 5-5: I get a bit careless with the walk-20-steps-use-DE ritual, and it results in a “something touches you and you feel your life slipping away.” Damn. Swap in the pike, see invis on it reveals a ghost. One hit, one kill, it drops Exorcisms. I have no room, but wait: have restore life levels potion packed around for three levels. Use it to clear inventory spot. I don’t find Exorcisms that useful as a book, but what the heck. Room of red dragons proves interesting: I lose chunk of HP and one of four chants and blessings to breath but gain an amulet of +5 wisdom, which is kind of useless, as I have a bunch of boosts already, including an amulet that gives +3 wis, +2 speed and is the only frAct I have. Find heavy crossbow, figure it’s time to drop longbow. Kill young dragon, it drops potion of Wisdom. Det evil pulls up Intangast nearby, not a critter I feel like dealing with. Start to clear out a locker of nagas/snakes. Wakes up Intangast, and that’s my cue to depart. Even with resist fire/cold over top of a static rFire, a tussle with that critter is not going to go well. I can’t push out 2000 hp of damage in a hurry, not yet. Thus begins an interesting game of tag, wherein I try to find stairs down, and Intangast attempts to create an evening meal of half-orc flambe. This rather deadly game is marked by a moment where the aforementioned fire drake cashes in on a bit of incautious play: from 305 to 53 in one instant. Yike! Plan B is to “portal” about in frantic search for stairs down, never letting a resist fire/cold spell lapse: that’s the proof against a spell-failure mishap leaving me at the mercy of two successive breaths. This proves remarkably beneficial, as I find a path to stairs down that includes two Wisdom potions and a *healing. I ponder my inventory, decide to drop 10 CSWs for the *healing and move on. (I have 23 CCW at this moment, so I figure it’s worth the trade: as Intangast proves, I am moving into the realm of big damage-dealers.)
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