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1. Try to get to 1500' in much less time. 1/2 hour is possible; 1-2 hours is feasible for a newbie, if you play with the strategy in mind.

2. The issue isn't Free Action vs Uniques, etc, it's deciding what to fight. Angband is NOT a FPS game. You want to avoid a LOT of monsters, either because they are dangerous or annoying or just not worth killing. At the same time, some monsters are worth going out of your way to kill.

Corresponding to this, you need to carry:
An escape. Staffs of Teleportation are pretty much a necessity for a newbie, in case you get confused or blinded and can't get away some other way.
Scrolls of Teleport Level and *Destruction* are critical later on, because they let you escape with minimal to no chance of coming down next to an awake monster who then kills you.
Scrolls of Teleportation are also pretty good: 0% fail rate, and cheaper than the Staff.

You shouldn't rely too much on !CCW for healing; more for curing stunning, cuts, confusion and blindness. If the monsters are really hurting you, it's generally a sign that you should be running.

3. Rely on archery, and carry ?Phase. In the early game, archery is almost always needed for killing most uniques and other tough monsters.

4. Remember to run away BEFORE you start fighting with an overly dangerous foe, not when you are down at 30% HP. You shouldn't be fighting in that case.

5. If you are playing without Free Action, you need 3 things:
* A form of monster detection. (For a warrior this means _dEvil in the early game.)
* A way to avoid getting too close to the monsters you fail to detect. This means Rods of Light and, for a warrior, Rods Illumination or the Phial. These can be considered poor man's ES.P
* A memorized list of paralyzers before 1500':
Floating Eye
Gorgimaera (NOT EVIL)
Carrion Crawler (NOT EVIL)
Basilisk (NOT EVIL, Fast!)
Ghoul (cold blooded; infravision doesn't help)
Ghast (Fast, cold blooded, and has the HOLD spell. Avoid at all cost.)

There are monsters with the HOLD spell, who can be dangerous too. But except for the Ogre Shaman, you don't have to avoid them so completely.

6. Between 1000' and 1500', the most important resource you should be looking for is the stairs and trap doors down. The rewards in this region are just not worth the aggravations, risks, and effort. (The same holds later in the game, from around 2500' to 4000'.)

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