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i never cary staves, unless it's really early on.

1. Rod(s) of TO - THE most important gear for a warrior.
2. scrolls of teleport
3. rods of detection more for treasures than anything else - ESP covers mob detection
4. Rod of Mapping, altough tunnelling is just fine.
5. scrolls of *Destr*, not staves. Staves can be drained. Scrolls can be burned but *Fire is a must at lower depths.
Tbh i practically never carry *Destr*, i would rather not put myself into that situation. However, as a priest, or occasionally as a mage, i use word of destruction to kite undeads (or BIG uniques, like Ancalong) out of their pits to wipe them out and get to the loot.

not really in the list but both rods of Speed and Restoration are really nice to have.
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