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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
Well, that's my evening then.

* Checked the manual. The morale section lists Cruel Blow instilling a morale penalty to the recipient and similar monsters, but this is not mentioned in the ability description later on.

* Stealth section of the manual references staffs of earthquakes. Weren't those removed?

* Speaking of morale; monsters have extra morale when generated after their native depth, and a morale penalty when generated before it? Seems a bit nonsensical unless base morale was once == native depth or somesuch. Not a bug, just something I noticed in the manual.

* Haven't checked yet, but are there any additional restrictions for when you can swear oaths? Because at a glance the Oath of Iron looks like a really good choice prior to descending to the thone room (and never earlier).

* Got to 100' and realized I hadn't actually opened any visibility windows. Not having to manually set the ui when trying a new version would proabbly be a good QoL improvement (and lower the threshold for new players).

* Speaking of QoL - I've since gotten a laptop with a numpad, but improving movement with the arrow keys would be welcome. Have you played Infra Arcana? I seem to recall that game modifying the arrow keys input using either control or alt to enable diagonal movement. Beats hovering over the keyboard number keys..

* Random musing - make "new game" the top choice of the menu, relegating the tutorial to third place? Most players only use it once or twice.
Excellent proofreading! Quirk will have to comment on whether the issue is that Critical Blow has no effect on morale and should be removed from the section, or whether the effect that it does have is just not mentioned in the ability description.

Earthquakes were removed from the section related to the player's stealth-related actions, but they are still mentioned in the section about monster actions because of the Kemenrauko ability.

As far as the oaths go, you have to maintain the oath throughout the whole game, including before you take the ability.

Making New Game the top choice does seem reasonable to me as well. I have seen players be frustrated that after tabbing through the list of their dead it can be easy to start the tutorial by accident.

My own feedback for the manual is that the title is still set as "Sil 1.2 Manual" which shows up as the tab name when I open the pdf in Chrome.
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