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* Noticed the tiles are at a 1:1 aspect ration whereas the ASCII is 1:2. Are those unicode 1:1 asian fat ascii characters supported? Might be a worthwile 'graphical' option.

* Orc scouts are more annoying than I remembered. I do like the idea of a non-aggressive enemy, but chasing them down or having them spam the message box gets old.

* And the thorns still feels off. Rework into a dungeon feature? A prince of Noldor fighting a bush (underground) does take something from the otherwise excellent atmosphere.

* Dig the little exclamation marks and whatnot signifying morale with tiles. Any plans to extend those for other statuses? ASCII mode could also do something similar with diacritics.

* Attempting to adjust one of the ancillary windows before opening a game (ie in the menu) crashes the program.

* Chasms are nigh impossible to tell from unlit spaces using tiles. Doesn't affect gameplay much but still looks a bit off.

* Those nifty exclamation marks on enemies in tiles? Thorns also get them. Um..

* Lost the oath of iron con bonus somehow. Didn't notice until after the fact, but didn't take any up stairs and the oath is listed as active. I did fall through a false floor previously; might've been that?

* Lost the oath con bonus again. Didn't get floored this time. Looking through messages I did get a "illegal command for character sheet" shortly before the con went away, but nothing in particular
seemed to trigger it judging from the log? I did attack some easterlings before noticing (and lost it around 300' both times); might be related to attacking @'s? No warning or prompt whatsoever beforehand tho.

* Slaves are generated sleeping on the job.

* Idea re: Oaths. Straight up forbid players from breaking the oath whilst active, without prompts (but probably genereating an explanatory line in the message log). Prompt them only if they first disable the oath in the skills menu. Should cut some prompting spam and accidental oathbreaking.

* Kept testing the Oath of Iron: fighting an easterling warrior lost the bonus con without prompting. Singing also disables the Oath.

* Ascending stairs under oath of Mercy/Silence doesn't disable their respective oaths, nor does singing whilst under oath of Mercy or killing men under Oath of Silence.

* Unrelated, and I know you're not looking for balance passes, but also the Oath of Mercy looks like a giant hassle for non-pacifists in general. I guess it's not entirely unplayable with Elbereth, but having to pretty much abandon any level with significant numbers of Easterlings seems very much not worth it, ever. Didn't there use to be a "don't attack unaware monsters" Oath? Would very much prefer something along those lines. Same general gist, still works for pacifists and [The Easterling Spy shouts for help! <x4> -More-]

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