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Thanks very much for the Oath of Iron bug testing. I mostly only tested its behaviour around stairs. I think I know what I may have done wrong. Will take a look at that.

Slaves are indeed mostly found asleep, but maybe at some point you'll get to talk to an awake one.

The replaced Oath was not to attack fleeing monsters, which turned out to be a bit of a hassle as this was very easy to do. Alert monsters only is by no means a bad idea, might be a bit easier to avoid and also fits Mercy as a concept. It would need some playtesting to check it wasn't as irritating as the stop-start of attacking fleeing monsters could be. I'll have to think about it as releasing a whole new beta is something of a hassle so there's a bit of a critical bug mass issue, and the skill works quite well for pacifists as is.

Excellent feedback as always Infinitum. I will think about thorns a bit. Perhaps they need to be more of a feature as you say, and positioned near patches of sunlight. However if they are a destroyable feature we get back quite close to where they are now. The alert indicator is a tough one for if a player is using the indicator to warn them if they will be attacked on moving next to something, they are unlikely to appreciate its removal.
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