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The ammo changes have taken the ranger class from one of the weakest classes to arguably one of the strongest.

Slings of power are now the must have weapon for any ranger until discovering a randart launcher. Indestructible branded ammo is a bigger thing than you'd expect and means you can take out any dlvl40 unique without breaking sweat.

In the 24 hour challenge I chose mage instead of ranger (against my better judgement) and it felt so laboured and slow after the rangers I'd been playing. Rangers are now a very fun class in the first 40 character levels. It becomes more of a grind in the last 10 - but that's the game, not the class.

On a sidenote: Not sure if this has been discussed before but I always like the idea of adding the arrow of Bard as a single artifact ammo. It's indestructible, ice branded and slays dragons powerfully.
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