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You're actually in pretty good shape for your depth right now. As far as those hounds are concerned, they are definitely to be avoided. You're also missing Nexus resist, so Nexus hounds are definitely to be avoided as well. A bad stat swap, in your case wis getting swapped with dex, is just about as bad as an insta death. You shouldn't have to worry too much about poison breathers yet, but it might be possible for some OOD stuff like Drolems or Ancient Green Dragons to pop up. Those will 1 shot you currently with your hp pool and lack of poison resist. Make sure to avoid those.

Right now your biggest concern is finding stat potions and artifacts. Obviously you want to max your strength, dex, and con as quick as you can. I usually find this section of the game to be the most difficult, particularly for warriors. Early game you can more or less walk through everything, and late game you tend to have enough gear to where you can walk through everything. Mid game for warriors, you're going to encounter a lot of things that are too dangerous to fight. Make sure you make good use of detection. With any luck you'll find a Rod of Detection soon. If not, make sure you stock up on Detect Evil staves and pay close attention to your surroundings. Around this time of the game, turning a corner blind could potentially lead to an insta death if you're not careful.
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